March 7, 2019

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August 2, 2019

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Results - NCA 2019

March 7, 2019

The results from NCA 2019 are listed below (only top 3 teams in each level 5 division).

Senior XSmall
1. Central Jersey Allstars Bombshells
2. World Elite Crave
3. California Allstars Vixens

Small Senior
1. Woodlands Elite Generals
2. Cheer Extreme SSX
3. ICE Lady Lightning

Medium Senior
1. East Celebrity Elite Bombshells
2. Spirit of Texas A-Team
3. Stingray Allstars Peach

Large Senior
1. Stingray Allstars Orange
2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
3. Maryland Twisters F5

Senior Open
1. Spirit of Texas Lady Reign
2. Champion Cheer Heat
3. Stingray Allstars Apple

International Open 5
1. Cheer Sport Great White Sharks
2. Cheer Central Suns Midnight
3. Cheer Force Wolfpack Golden Girls

International Open Global
1. Cheer Athletics Ladycats
2. Flyers Allstars Knockout
3. FCA Gems Onyx

International Open Non-Tumbling
Cheer Extreme Lady Lux

XSmall Coed
1. Twist & Shout Diamonds
2. GymTyme FeVer
3. Louisiana Cheer Force Gold

Small Coed
1. Prodigy Allstars Midnigh
t2. California Allstars Smoed
3. Woodlands Elite Recon

Medium Coed
1. Woodlands Elite Black Ops
2. Spirit of Texas Royalty
3. Stingray Allstars Cobalt

Large Coed
1. Top Gun TGLC
2. Stingray Allstars Steel
3. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Senior Open Small Coed
1. Rockstar Cheer The Beatles
2. Top Gun Royal Jags
3. Cheer Athletics Crewcats

Senior Open Large Coed
1. Cheer Athletics Wildcats
2. Stars Vipers Anacondas
3. Cheer Extreme Shade

International Open Small Coed 5
1. Prodigy Allstars Blacklight
2. Cheer Athletics Swooshcats
3. Indiana Ultimate Insanity

International Open Large Coed 5
1. Top Gun OO5
2. CheerForce Nfinity
3. Legends Cheer Elite Atlas

International Open Global Coed
1. Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones
2. Stingray Allstars Electric
3. Tribe Cheer VooDoo

International Open Non-Tumbling Coed
1. Cheer Extreme Code Black
2. Cheer Athletics Thronecats
3. Pegasos Allstars

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