March 7, 2019

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August 2, 2019

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How To Save Photos From Flickr

April 8, 2018

It pains me to see my photos posted in poor quality. Most often, it's a result from the person not knowing how to download photos from Flickr. I understand that it might be hard if you have never used Flickr, so here's a little how-to for everyone that need some guidance. Hope this helps!

To check out my photos on Flickr, click here.

Save from computer
If you want to save photos from Flickr, you just need to press the arrow that points down. Easy, right?

Save from phone
If you want to save photos from your phone, I would recommend to download the Flickr app and make an account. In the app you press the button that points to the side. Not sure why it's not the same button as the website, but anyways.


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