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History of Cheerleading Worlds 2004-2007

December 6, 2017

The very first USASF World Cheerleading Championship was held April 24 2004. The competition started as an invite-only competition. There were only two divisions: senior all girl and senior coed. The first USASF world champions were Cheer Athletics in all girl and Miami Elite in coed.

Worlds grows bigger and bigger every year. In it's second year, 2005, USASF expanded their number of divisions from two to four: small senior, large senior, small coed and large coed. Stingray Allstars Orange won their first world championship title in small senior. They are by the way the most-winning team in the history of Worlds. In large senior, Maryland Twisters F5 took home the gold. Small coed went to Spirit of Texas and Miami Elite went back-to-back in large coed.


In 2006, USASF introduced the international open divisions to Worlds. GuanXi University from China placed second in the international all girl division.

For the first time, a gym took home several titles. Actually, two gyms did. Cheer Athletics won three divisions with Jags, Panthers and Wildcats and GymTyme went home with two gold medals in small coed and international coed.


Worlds 2007 was the first year for junior divisions and also the first time they had Dance Worlds - making the competition more than twice as large from the previous year.

Top Gun and World Cup Shooting Stars took home their very first Worlds titles in 2007. Still some of the most iconic routines, in my opinion!

In September 2007, 19 nations that were a part of IASF formed the non-profit organization International Cheer Union. In the end of the year, ICU had 35 member federations.


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